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Deleted or Suspended Sales Tax Information Bulletins

  • If a bulletin is listed as "deleted", it means that the bulletin is no longer valid.
  • If the bulletin is listed as "suspended", it indicates the bulletin has ceased to be correct due to change in legislation, case law, or some other circumstances and will be rewritten.

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Sales Tax Information Bulletin NumberTitle
1Deleted 05/02 - Application of Sales Tax to Delivery and Other Charges
1FBDeleted 07/05 - County Food and Beverage Tax. Replaced by Commissioner's Directive #30.
2FBDeleted 05/04 - Municipal Food and Beverage Tax for the Town of Nashville
3Deleted 08/95 - Issuance of Information Bulletins
5Deleted 06/95 - Shoe Repair
6Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1981 Sales Tax Legislation
15ASuspended 01/04 - Prepayment of Sales Tax on Gasoline
16Deleted 08/94 - Summary of 1983 Indiana Sales and Use Tax Legislation
18Deleted 06/02 - Purchase of Ready Mix Concrete Trucks, Replacement Parts and Fuel
19Deleted 06/95 - Statute of Limitations Concerning Indiana State Gross Retail and Use Taxes
22Deleted 06/02 - Dealers in Magazines and Periodicals Other Than Newspaper
23Deleted 06/95 - All State and National Banks
25Suspended 02/04 - Floriculturists, Horticulturists and Arbor culturists
28Suspended 06/05 - Sales and Leases of Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Watercraft
29ADeleted 11/02 - Sales of Fruit Juices and Deli Trays
31Deleted 10/02 - Use Tax
35Deleted 06/95 - Florist Telegraph Delivery Sales Tax Information
37Deleted 07/18 - Sales by Out-of-State Merchants
42Suspended 04/05 - Rental or Leasing of Tangible Personal Property
44Deleted 11/02 - Taxability of Packaging Materials and Containers for Indiana Sales Tax
48ADeleted 05/16 - Sales Tax Application to the Veterinary Profession
46Deleted 09/94 - Sales Tax Application to Services and Service Contracts
51EDeleted 01/03 - Public Utilities Furnishing Electrical Energy and/or Steam Heat (Replaced by # 51)
51GDeleted 01/03 - Public Utilities Furnishing Natural or Artificial Gas (Replaced by # 51)
51WDeleted 01/03 - Public Utilities Furnishing Water (Replaced by # 51)
53Deleted 11/02 - Consolidated Accounts
62Deleted 11/02 - Residential Improvements to Realty
63Deleted 11/02 - Food Service Equipment
71Deleted 03/12 - Ethanol Fuel Sales Tax Deduction
73Deleted 07-09 - Tax Reporting Procedures for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Payments
94Deleted 04/08 - Rerefined Lubrication Oil Facility Tax Credit

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