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Filing for Deceased Individuals

Income Tax Filing Requirements

To settle the taxes of a taxpayer who died during a tax year, a surviving representative or spouse must file a return if the deceased was under the age of 65 and had an adjusted gross income of more than $1,000; the deceased was age 65 or older and had an adjusted gross income of more than $2,000; or the deceased was a nonresident and had any income from Indiana.

Signing the Deceased Individual's Tax Return

If a surviving spouse is filing a joint return, they should sign their name and include, "Filing as Surviving Spouse;” executors and administrators will indicate the same (e.g., “John Doe, administrator”); or if an executor has not been appointed, the person should indicate their relationship to the deceased (e.g., "John Doe, nephew").

Cashing a Refund Check

If you can't access or cash a refund check, contact the State Comptroller at 317-232-3300 for assistance.