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Change Business Contact Information

Has your business recently moved, changed information such the name of a contact or a phone number? Update your business information with the Indiana Department of Revenue to ensure you get all important correspondence about your business.

  • Use INTIME

    Log in to your INTIME business account. Under "All Actions" select "Manage Names & Addresses" then select the business address that needs an update. An INTIME User Guide for Business Tax Customers is available.

  • Submit a Fill-in Form

    Provide DOR with updated business contact information by completing and submitting State Form 56841 by mail to the address on the form. Use State Form 56842 to submit a change in business contact information.

    By Mail

    Indiana Department of Revenue
    P.O. Box 6197
    Indianapolis, IN 46206-6197
    To change your information, you must include the following:

    • Current address
    • New address
    • First and last name
    • Telephone number
    • Taxpayer Identification Number or Federal Identification Number
    • Signature of a Responsible Officer

Change Individual Address