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Bulk File Taxes

Bulk Filing via INTIME or SFTP

Customers submitting large files for certain tax types (listed below) can electronically bulk file these records with DOR in the following ways:

  • If a file size is under 10 MB, manually enter or upload via INTIME. When filing securely via INTIME, bulk files do not require a file naming convention or encryption. An INTIME Guide for Business Customers is available. Additional INTIME guides are available.

  • If a file size exceeds 10 MB, upload via SFTP. Registering for SFTP can only take place if a file has been rejected by INTIME for exceeding the 10 MB size restriction. When bulk filing via SFTP, it is required to follow the file naming convention and file(s) must be encrypted. A SFTP Bulk Filing Guide is available.

Bulk file upload is available for the following tax types:

Schemas and file specifications for each tax type are available on their respective information page.

For more information on which taxes types can be filed using INTIME or SFTP, and file upload options, see the Bulk Filing Methods & Options Chart.

SFTP Bulk Upload: Registration and Information

The SFTP Bulk Upload Guide contains information on SFTP registration and renewal processes, file naming convention, encryption, and other instructions.

SFTP Error Reporting

If you receive a file error that requires assistance or additional information, contact the bulk filing team, or send a secure INTIME message (choose “Bulk SFTP” as the message category.)  *NEW*

Reference Documents

SFTP Bulk Upload Guide

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