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Online Business Tax Application (BT-1) Checklist

Welcome to the Indiana Department of Revenue online Business Tax Application (BT-1). The basic information required to fill out the application is listed below. Please review the list to make sure you have this information prior to starting the online process. It is recommended that you print this document, record the needed information on it, and then refer to it as you complete the BT-1. Register your business with the department via INBiz.

Information required for the online BT-1 application:

  • Email address: This is either for the person submitting the application or the address where the application registration information (including the Document Locator Number) should be sent.
  • Federal ID Number (FID/EIN): An FID is needed to complete the application. Businesses needing an FID can get one from the IRS.
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TID): The TID is requested when adding a location to an existing business account or when registering an existing location for other tax types.
  • Location Number: The Location Number is requested when registering an existing business location for other tax types.
  • Legal Name, Partnership Name, Corporate Name, Other Entity Name, or Sole Owner Name
  • Business Contact Name and Daytime Phone Number
  • Document Locator Number (DLN): The DLN is displayed at the bottom of the Business Contact Name and Daytime Phone Number screen after starting the online process. It is very important that you write the DLN down for future reference.
  • Type of Organization: See descriptions of the types of organizations.
  • Indiana Secretary of State Control Number: All businesses except Sole Proprietors and General Partnerships must register with the Indiana Secretary of State.
  • State of Incorporation, Date of Incorporation, State of Commercial Domicile, and Date Authorized to Do Business in Indiana if not Incorporated in Indiana: This information is required for corporations.
  • Primary mailing address for the business
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code: List of NAICS codes.
  • Responsible Officer Information (including Social Security Number)
  • Business Trade Name or DBA
  • Business Location Phone Number and Address
  • Tax Type(s) for which the business is registeringSee more information about business tax types.

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