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Electronic Filing for Alcohol Taxpayers

All customers who are required to pay alcohol excise taxes must file returns and submit payments electronically. Any informational returns that do not require a tax payment also must be filed electronically.

The electronic filing requirements apply to the following forms:

  • ALC-DWS: Direct Wine Seller's Excise Tax Return
  • ALC-FW: Indiana Farm Winery Excise Tax Return
  • ALC-M: Indiana Brewer/Distiller/Rectifier/Vintner Excise Tax Return
  • ALC-PS: Primary Source Suppliers Monthly Report
  • ALC-W: Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler's Excise Tax Return

Although electronic filing is required, paper forms with instructions are available so customers can visualize what is required.

There are three options for electronically filing.

Option 1: INtax

INtax, Indiana's free online tool to manage business tax obligations, includes alcohol taxes.

In order to use INtax for alcohol taxes, you must have an Indiana taxpayer identification number (TID) and an access code provided by the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). If you do not have a TID, please call (317) 615-2710 to obtain both your TID and access code. If you already have a TID, you can request your access code by calling (317) 615-2710. You also can request your access code be sent to you via the US Postal Service during the INtax registration process.

Option 2: XML Schema

This method involves extracting the data from your recordkeeping system and utilizing the XML schema definitions to format your data correctly. The following links provide this schema information:

Option 3: Bulk File Converter

This method for creating the file uses a converter tool. Under this methodology, you download an excel template, input your data, and export the data to XML. The following links provide the file converters as well as a step-by-step user guide:

File Submission

If you use the XML Schema or Bulk File Converter methods to create files for electronic filing, you also must submit those files to DOR.

Before a file can be submitted, filers must have a 10-digit tax identification (TID) with a 3-digit location number. In order to register with DOR, email Bulkfiler@dor.in.gov and provide your 13-digit number along with the form type you will be filing. You will then be sent a vendor code, username and password.

There are two methods for submitting files. The first method, for files smaller than 2 MB, involves logging in to the following site and attaching your XML file:

The second method is bulk upload. If your file is larger than 2 MB, this is the required method for submission. The following guide provides the information you will need:

Regardless of the submission method, filers must upload successfully two test files without errors prior to submitting production files.

Electronic Payments

If you wish to submit ACH credit payments, refer to the electronic funds transfer (EFT) guide online.

You can make a payment using an electronic check, credit card or debit card. Convenience fees for these options are as follows:

  • Electronic check - $1.00
  • Credit card - 1.99% of payment plus $1.00
  • Debit card - $2.99 for payments less than $100 or $3.75 for payments greater than or equal to $100

Contact Us

For more information about alcohol excise taxes, please contact DOR, Special Tax Division:

For more information about the technical requirements for submitting files, please contact DOR, Information Technology Division:

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