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Change Business Address Contact Name and/or Phone Number

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  • Current: Change Business Address Contact Name and/or Phone Number

Has your business recently moved, changed contacts or updated a phone number? You’ll need to update your business information with the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) to ensure you are getting all important correspondence about your business.

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How to change your address:

Through INTIME:

In INTIME, log into your account, navigate to the All Actions tab, and click “Manage Names and Addresses", then select the address you want to change and update it.

Through INtax:

In INTax, log into your account and send an email through your secure inbox by clicking the "Messages" menu option.

Use State Form 56842 to submit a change in business contact information from the Indiana Department of Revenue.

By Mail:

Indiana Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 6197
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6197

By Fax:


You must include the following information*:

  • Current address
  • New address
  • First and last name
  • Telephone number
  • Taxpayer Identification Number or Federal Identification Number
  • Signature of a Responsible Officer

*If the above information is not included, your address change will not be processed.

This page has information for businesses who need to change an address, contact person, or phone number. For information on individual address change, visit our Change My Address web page.

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