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If you are submitting the W-2 and WH-3 files on behalf of your clients through batch upload, you will need to be certified with the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). If you are uploading or manually entering the W-2 and WH-3 files through INtax, you do not have to be certified with the DOR.

W-2 and WH-3 Electronic Filing FAQs

Can files contain more than one employer record (RE)?

For a single business, yes, a file can contain more than one RE record, but all RS records must contain the same TID number. The TID number is located at position 331 of the RS record. The TID number should be the same for every RS record in the file. Each WH-3 must only contain information for the company for which the file is being uploaded. Each business must have its own WH-3 for uploading.

Software vendors uploading through batch upload can upload files containing all clients in which a Federal Form 2848 is on file. Clients do not have to be registered in INtax.

Can I upload my W-2s if my clients have outstanding liabilities?

Yes. You can upload or manually enter your W-2s even if your client has have an outstanding balance.

Do the purchasers of my software have to certify to file using the batch upload process?

The submitter of the file must be certified with DOR. If the software developer is also the submitter, the clients are not required to certify. If the taxpayer purchases the software and becomes the submitter, the taxpayer must certify with DOR

Is there a document that explains in which format my W-2 file should be for uploading?

Yes, a document to explain which format is available.  This file explains the file layout requirements. Additional information can also be found on our Electronic Media webpage.

Is there a size limit for uploading my files on the Batch Upload FTP site?

No. Even though the FTP site can handle very large files, you should limit your files to less than 100MB. The size of the file is determined after the file has been encrypted. Encryption also compresses the file, allowing a much larger file to be uploaded.

Should I submit a file using an XML or EFW2 file format when filing through batch upload?

When filing using the batch upload method, you can use either the EFW2 format or the XML format. Eventually, the EFW2 format will be phased out. You can upload W-2s, W-2Gs or 1099Rs through batch upload. The file format can be XML, EFW2 or Federal 1220.

After I have uploaded my file, do I need to send in my paper W-2s?

No. If you upload your W-2 information through batch upload, you should not submit paper W-2s to DOR.

After I have uploaded my W-2 file in INtax or batch upload, do I need to send in my paper WH-3?

No. If you upload your W-2 information in INtax, you should not submit paper W-2s or WH-3s to DOR. This is also true for files uploaded through the batch upload process.

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