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Science & Computer Science (2016) (2010)

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Indiana Academic Science Standards
These documents specifically list the standards for each grade or course at the high school level. The science standards focus on the following topics; physical science; earth and space science; life science. For K-8, there are computer science and engineering standards.

This document provides guidance and illustrates the correlations between the Indiana Academic Science Standards (2016) and the previous standards; Indiana Academic Science Standards (2010). Teachers are encouraged to use this document as an instructional support tool.
Kindergarten 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Grade 1 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Grade 2 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
K-2 Computer Science 06/07/2017 PDFWord -- --
Grade 3 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Grade 4 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Grade 5 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
3-5 Computer Science 06/07/2017 PDFWord -- --
Grade 6 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Grade 7 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Grade 8 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
6-8 Computer Science 06/07/2017 PDFWord -- --
K-12 Computer Science Standards 11/07/2018 PDF -- --
Anatomy and Physiology 08/15/2017 PDF | WordPDFPDF
Biology 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Chemistry 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Earth and Space Science 05/13/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Environmental Science 07/05/2016 PDFWordPDF --
Integrated Chemistry & Physics 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Physics I 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDFPDF
Physics II 04/15/2016 PDFWordPDF --

Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards
These standards provide guidance to content area teachers in grades 6-12 (e.g., History/Social Studies teachers, Math teachers, Science teachers, Career and Technical Education teachers, etc.) on the expectations for integrating reading and writing skills into their daily instruction.
Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy 08/28/2017PDF

Science Standards Vertical Articulations
The Vertical Articulation documents illustrate the significant connections between the standards across grade levels. Administrators and teachers are strongly encouraged to use these documents to facilitate cross-grade level discussions.
K-8 Physical Science 04/15/2016Excel
K-8 Earth and Space Science 04/15/2016Excel
K-8 Life Science 04/15/2016Excel
K-8 Engineering 04/15/2016Excel

Science Standards Resource Guides
These resource guides for the standards are provided for each grade level or course at the high school level. The resource guides highlight academic vocabulary, contain clarifying statements, and list potential digital resources for each standard at the grade level or course. These documents were written by teachers for teachers. The resource guides are not exhaustive and are only for support and possible resources/activities that relate to the standards.
Kindergarten 02/23/2017PDFWord
Grade 1 02/23/2017PDFWord
Grade 2 02/23/2017PDFWord
K-2 Computer Science 09/12/2016PDF | Word
Grade 3 02/27/2017PDFWord
Grade 4 02/27/2017PDFWord
Grade 5 02/27/2017PDFWord
3-5 Computer Science 09/12/2016PDF | Word
Grade 6 06/14/2016PDFWord
Grade 7 06/14/2016PDFWord
Grade 8 06/14/2016PDFWord
6-8 Computer Science 09/12/2016PDF | Word
Biology 06/03/2016 PDFWord
Chemistry 06/03/2016 PDFWord
Earth & Space Science 06/03/2016 PDFWord
Environmental Science 07/05/2016 PDFWord
Integrated Chemistry & Physics 06/03/2016 PDFWord
Physics I 06/03/2016 PDFWord
Physics II 06/03/2016 PDF | Word