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CTE: Family and Consumer Sciences

Indiana Academic Standards - CTE: Family and Consumer Sciences
Middle School FACS08/20/2014PDF
Exploring College and Careers08/20/2014PDF
Adult Roles and Responsibilities08/20/2014PDF
Advanced Child Development08/20/2014PDF
Advanced Life Science Foods08/20/2014PDF
Advanced Nutrition and Wellness08/20/2014PDF
Biochemistry of Foods09/26/2016PDF
Chemistry of Foods (See ALS Foods above)08/20/2014--
Consumer Economics10/23/2011PDF
Cooperative Occupational Family & Consumer Science10/23/2011PDF
Child Development08/20/2014PDF
Culinary Arts and Hospitality II:  Culinary Arts05/18/2017PDF
Culinary Arts and Hospitality II: Hospitality Management05/18/2017PDF
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management08/20/2014PDF
Early Childhood Education I08/20/2014PDF
Early Childhood Education II08/20/2014PDF
Education Professions I08/20/2014PDF
Education Professions II08/20/2014PDF
Fashion and Textiles Careers I08/20/2014PDF
Fashion and Textiles Careers II08/20/2014PDF
Housing and Interior Design Careers I, II TBR05/19/2013PDF
Human and Social Services I08/20/2014PDF
Human and Social Services II08/20/2014PDF
Human Development and Wellness08/20/2014PDF
Interpersonal Relationships08/20/2014PDF
Intro to Culinary Arts and Hospitality08/20/2014PDF
Introduction to Fashion and Textiles08/20/2014PDF
Introduction to Housing and Interior Design08/20/2014PDF
Nutrition and Wellness08/20/2014PDF
Nutrition Science Careers I06/12/2015PDF
Nutrition Science Careers II06/15/2015PDF
Personal Financial Responsibility08/09/2016PDF
Preparing for College and Careers08/20/2014PDF
Residential Property Management Careers I and II05/19/2013DOCX

Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards

Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards
Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy08/30/2017PDF