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CTE: Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology Standards

Indiana Academic Standards - CTE: Engineering and Technology
Middle School Engineering and Technology09/11/2017PDF
Advanced Manufacturing I12/21/2017PDF
Advanced Manufacturing II07/29/2016PDF
Aerospace Engineering Non PLTW04/26/2018PDF
Aerospace Engineering PLTW08/24/2016PDF
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Non-PLTW)10/17/2018PDF
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW)04/26/2018PDF
Civil and Architectural Engineering04/26/2018PDF
Civil and Architectural Engineering PLTW08/24/2016PDF
Computers in Design and Production08/24/2016PDF
Design Fundamentals08/25/2016PDF
Digital Electronics04/26/2018PDF
Digital Electronics PLTW08/24/2016PDF
Engineering Design and Development07/21/2017PDF
Environmental Sustainability08/25/2016PDF
Introduction to Communications08/15/2016PDF
Introduction to Construction08/25/2016PDF
Introduction to Design Processes 08/25/2016PDF
Introduction to Engineering Design10/23/2017PDF
Introduction to Transportation08/24/2016PDF
Introduction to Manufacturing08/25/2016PDF
Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics08/25/2016PDF
Principles of Engineering04/26/2018PDF
Principles of Engineering PLTW08/24/2016PDF
Robotics Design and Innovation09/27/2016PDF
Correlation to National Standards
Indiana to National STL Update Chart08/05/2016PDF
National Standards for Technological Literacy from ITEEA08/05/2016Webpage
Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards
Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy08/29/2017PDF

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