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Accelerated Learning: Assessment

Indiana’s Accelerated Learning Plan includes assessment guidance to support identification of learning needs and progress monitoring. Families, schools, and community organizations can leverage students’ spring assessment data to design instructional plans for summer 2021 and accelerate student learning for the 2021-2022 school year.

The Accelerated Learning Plan includes a reflective worksheet which supports educators as they:

  • determine which students are at the greatest need for additional learning support;
  • design learning opportunities;
  • consider available resources;
  • incorporate progress monitoring for the summer; and
  • influence fall instruction.

Formative assessment vendors provide opportunities for lessons, games, progress monitoring, and interim assessments. The purchase or license of new resources may supplement accelerated learning plans, but should align with the school’s larger vision. This reference table with guiding questions provides information specific to assessment programs approved through the Formative Assessment Grant Program.