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Annual School Performance Reports

The Annual Performance Report (APR) is a required publication that includes academic and performance data for all Indiana school corporations. The APR for all Indiana school corporations may be accessed by the public under the "Search School Reports" section of this page.

Pursuant to Indiana Code 20-20-8-3, every Indiana school corporation must publish its APR in the local newspaper between March 15th and March 31st. The manner of publication is specified in Indiana Code 5-3-1. School corporations may download the APR found below (under "Search School Reports") to provide for newspaper publications, and to satisfy publication requirements. In addition to the APR, school corporations must include an explanation of the data points in the APR as part of the newspaper publication. School corporations may download the data explanation in PDF, word, or EPS version under the "Data Explanation" section of this page.

Questions regarding the APR may be directed to

Search School Reports

To find a school corporation performance report, go to INview and search for a corporation. Next, click the Performance tab and select Student Achievement. You'll find the Annual Performance Report at the bottom of the page.

Data Explanation
UPDATED FOR 2022 School Year Report
Adobe PDF Version
Adobe Portable Document Format - for anyone to view and print.
The dimensions of this document are 8.5" x 11"


EPS Version
Encapsulated Post Script - for newspaper publishers
The dimensions of this document are 14.33 " x 20.28"


MS Word Version
The dimensions of this document are 8.5” X 11”