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Latch Key/School Age Child Care Program

Executive Order 20-40 provides for additional flexibilities for traditional school districts in implementation of Latch Key programs. Text of EO 20-40 can be found here and districts are encouraged to work with local legal counsel to ensure compliance. Questions regarding EO 20-40 can be directed to Katie Jenner in the Governor’s Office.

IDOE Latch Key Overview (Indiana Code 20-26-5-1,2,3)

Latch Key is an elementary school-age child care program that provides care and education for children of working parents. This program is designed to be a link between the home and the school. Certified, qualified and experienced child care providers supervise, teach and interact with children to ensure that they are cared for, supervised, exposed to many learning activities, allowed to complete homework and share enjoyment in a relaxed and carefully designed developmentally appropriate environment.


Best Practices

The goals of the Latch Key Program are as follows:

  1. Provide quality before and after school care and education.
  2. Promote the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child.
  3. Provide a program that is developmentally appropriate.
  4. Foster a positive self-image in each child.
  5. Establish good rapport with parents, children and building administrators.

Current Latch Key Child Care Provider

Please voluntarily submit a signed Latch Key Assurances form.

Provider Information
Please voluntarily complete or update the Latch Key registration survey. This information is included in Indiana’s online mapping database for parents and community members to search for child care services.

Note 1: Unless otherwise requested in writing, provider form information will be included in Indiana’s online mapping database. Send database exclusion requests to the Latch Key Program contact.

Latch Key Waiver (Indiana Code 20-26-5-2)

School corporations may seek a waiver from the child care program requirement if compliance would result in “undue financial hardship.” To be eligible for such a waiver, the school corporation must demonstrate that it has made a good-faith effort to implement a program and that, after sufficient notification, there was too little interest in such a program for implementation to be economically feasible.

Latch Key Waiver Form

Please send completed Latch Key Waiver Forms to

As part of a waiver request, school corporations must present:

  • A written description of the steps taken to conduct a latch key program and/or to actively solicit other non-profits or for-profits organizations to implement a program – Example: A copy of child care solicitation letter and proposal from outside child care vendor with written description.
  • Evidence that a request in writing was made to all parents to contact the school corporation to indicate their willingness to utilize the latch key program and documentation of any parent survey results – Example: A copy of the parent survey and results.
  • The nature of the hardship that the school corporation would experience due to a low number of eligible children intending to utilize the latch key program services.
  • Detailed financial analysis including the projected costs, attendance, and income expected from the implementation of such a program – Example: An estimated cost of staff wages and benefits, educational materials, transportation costs, and program income.

Note 2: School corporations must submit a new waiver request each school year.


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