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Archaeology Education & Outreach

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Educational Materials

DHPA Archaeology staff produce educational materials, pamphlets and handouts, Indiana’s professional periodic archaeology journal (Indiana Archaeology), reading lists, information about Indiana archaeology law, and more. Contact archaeology staff to obtain information for your archaeology education event at or 317-232-1646.

Stewardship, Presentations, and Training

DHPA Archaeology staff provide training sessions for land management and law enforcement personnel, and stewardship courses for the interested public and avocational archaeologists to learn about the State’s archaeological heritage.

Staff also frequently give presentations to the public – from elementary classrooms to senior citizens groups – and are pleased to present on archaeological topics including archaeological artifacts, precontact and historic peoples and lifeways, archaeological methods, and techniques. DHPA can also provide displays regarding archaeology in our state.

If your organization would like more information on stewardship training, presentations, or displays, contact the DHPA at or 317-232-1646.

Archaeology in Your Community

There are many ways people can use what is learned through archaeology. It can be an economic tool to foster heritage tourism of communities by creating, for example, parks geared toward archaeological resources. Additionally, heritage tours can incorporate archaeological sites to visit, as well as museums housing exhibits about past cultures and what has been learned through archaeology. The archaeology staff of our office is always available to advise and assist in the activities of local historical groups, private individuals, and organizations. There is great public demand for information about archaeology in Indiana, and many of our programs have been developed to meet those needs. Indiana’s state plan also provides information regarding the benefits of becoming involved in and promoting the benefits of historic preservation and archaeology.

If you want to share what you know about archaeological site locations and artifacts with our office, contact DHPA at 317-232-1646. The more we know about sites, the more we are able to protect them!

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Dr. Henry, Professional Archaeologist

Dr. Henry, Professional Archaeologist (get it, “DHPA”) is our office’s archaeology mascot. His career has fallen a bit “flat” lately, so he came to us for some excitement! Dr. Henry is available to come and visit relevant organizations to learn more about archaeological and historical resources in the state. If you would like him to visit you, contact When Dr. Henry visits, we ask that his hosts provide us with photographs and short blurbs regarding his adventures that we can share on our Facebook page. Everyone can follow Dr. Henry’s adventures (#drhenrydhpa) to see what kinds of interesting Hoosier places he gets to visit.

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