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Consumer Credit Licensing

The Consumer Credit Division of the DFI processes applications using the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) and physical applications that are submitted directly to us. Please refer to the lists below to determine where and how the license application should be obtained and completed.

Applications that must be completed in NMLS

  • Consumer Loan License
  • Debt Management license
  • Exempt Company Registration license
  • Money Transmitter license
  • Mortgage Lending license
  • Mortgage Loan Originator license

Checklists for these applications are available at the NMLS Resource Center.

Applications or Registrations that must be completed and returned to our office (Below are application links currently available on our website)

If you are seeking clarification on whether or not a license or registration is needed for your business activities, please email the request along with a detailed business plan to dfilicensing@dfi.in.gov.

Background Checks

Background Check Information

Change of Control

Please review the document listed below for information on change of control and how to submit the change of control notification.  If you are seeking clarification if a change of control notification is required, please send an email to dfilicensing@dfi.in.gov and include details of the change occurring and the name of the licensee.

FAQ's about License and Registration Renewals

Can I find the renewal form on your website?

The renewal forms for loan licenses, small loan licenses, check cashing licenses, CPAP licenses, pawnbroker licenses, non-lender registrations, and rental purchase registrations are not available online and will be mailed directly to the business. You may request a renewal form by emailing a request to dfilicensing@dfi.in.gov.

What do I need to do to renew my license maintained in NMLS?

Mortgage lending licenses, mortgage loan originator (MLO) licenses, money transmitter licenses, and debt management licenses are all renewed in NMLS. For information on renewal fees and requirements, please review the renewal information provided on the NMLS Resource Center.

I lost or misplaced my renewal - can you email the form?

Yes; we are always happy to email, fax or mail to you a new renewal form. Please email us at dfilicensing@dfi.in.gov.

Can I make a payment by credit card, over the phone or through the website?

Unfortunately, online payments are not available at this time.

For all license renewals and rental purchase registrations, please mail the check with the renewal form to the Department of Financial Institutions, 30 South Meridian St, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

For non-lender registration renewals, please mail the check and renewal form to the Department of Financial Institutions, P.O. Box 621872, Indianapolis, IN 46262.

How do I find out if the financial institutions and/or finance companies to whom I assign contracts are registered with the Department?

You may use our "Find a License" feature on our website at https://extranet.dfi.gov. You may also email us with your list of financial institutions and/or finance companies with whom you do business at dfilicensing@dfi.in.gov.

How do I fill out this form?

Detailed instructions are included with the renewal forms. If you still have questions after reviewing the instructions provided, you may ask any additional questions by sending an email to dfilicensing@dfi.in.gov.

Refund Policy