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Mobile Home

Starting January 1, 2023, the Grant County Treasurer's Office will be charging $15.00 fee to be paid with certified funds (Cash, Cashier's Check, or Money Order) in the EXACT amount for all Mobile Home Title Transfer Permits and all Mobile Home Moving Permits.

County Ordinance #8-2022 was adopted December 21, 2022

IC 6-1.1-7-10

Movement of mobile home; transfer of title; permits Sec. 10 (a) This sections does not apply to a mobile home that is offered for sale at auction under IC 9-22-1.5 for the transfer resulting from the auction.  (b) A mobile home may not be moved from one (1) location to another unless the owner obtains a permit to move the mobile home from the county treasurer.  (c) The bureau of motor vehicles may not (1) transfer the title to a mobile home; or (2) change names in any manner on the title to a mobile home; unless the owner holds a valid permit to transfer the title that was issued by the county treasurer. (d) A county treasurer shall issue a permit which is required to either move, or transfer the title to, a mobile home if the taxes, special assessments, interest, penalties, judgments, and costs that are due and payable on the mobile home have been paid.  The county treasurer shall issue the permit not later than two (2) business days (excluding weekend and holidays) after the date the completed permit application is received by the county treasurer.  The permit shall state the date it is issued. 

Indiana Code 2016