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Public & Semi-Public Swimming Pools

The Floyd County Health Department regulates public and semi-public swimming pools in Floyd County, Indiana. These include swimming pools, spa pools, hot tubs, and wading pools at apartments, condominiums, townhouses, hotels, motels, schools, community centers, health clubs, mobile home parks, campgrounds, and resorts. The goal of this program is to certify that all pools are free of safety hazards and any public health risk of communicable diseases.

The Floyd County Health Department requires an operating permit for all public and semi-public swimming pools in Floyd County, Indiana.  We also require at least one (1) Certified Pool Operator at each facility.  Pools in operation must submit weekly bacteriological sample results to FCHD.  Results, forms, and other documents can be submitted electronically to or  Please contact the health department for more information regarding the operating permit at 812-948-4726, option 2, option 1.

Required Forms / Documents

Resources for Public Swimming Pool and Spa Owners/Operators:

Public Water Health & Safety:

The Floyd County Health Department is dedicated to reducing recreational water illnesses (RWIs). RWIs are illnesses that are spread by swallowing, breathing, or contact with contaminated water from public water facilities, as well as lakes, streams, and rivers. RWIs can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including infections in the eye, skin, ear, respiratory tract, and in wounds. The most commonly reported recreational water illness is diarrhea. Diarrheal illnesses can be caused by germs such as E. Coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Shigella.