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Plan Commission

About the Plan Commission

The Ligonier Plan Commission is a legally mandated group of people who draft a comprehensive plan, a zoning ordinance, and a subdivision ordinance. They also make recommendations to elected officials on proposed changes. Plan commissions have the authority to approve or deny subdivisions of land based on the subdivision control ordinance.

The planning legislation found in the Indiana Code encourages each city, town, and county in the state to create a plan commission. Once established, this body becomes the unit of local government with the responsibility for comprehensive planning and zoning.

The legislature carefully defined the responsibilities and duties of the plan commission. They are to create planning that is comprehensive, done on a continuing basis, and free from partisan pressures.


  • Chris Fought (President)
  • Kathy Meroney (Vice President)
  • Matt Kreager (Secretary)
  • Brian Hite
  • Dennis Butler
  • Michael Shearer
  • Earle Franklin (Plan Commission Administrator)
  • Rick Pharis (City Engineer)
  • Tim Ringler
  • Everett Newman (Plan Commission Attorney)

Meeting Schedule

The Ligonier Plan Commission meets on the first Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November. Additional meetings are on an as needed basis.

Updated: 3/4/2021