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Police Department

Command Staff

Bryan K. Shearer
Chief of Police-Public Safety Director

Michael E. Crossley
Assistant Chief of Police

Jason Shearer
Detective Sergeant

Brandon Stout
Patrol Sergeant

Code Enforcement

Mike Alexander
Code Enforcement Officer

School Resource Officers

Grant Moser II
West Noble Primary SRO

Christopher Shearer
West Noble School Corporation SRO

Other Staff Members

The Ligonier Police Department currently has twelve (12) sworn full-time officers. The force also consists of sworn part-time and reserve officers. The department also has one (1) civilian employee.

The approved positions are as follows:

  • Police Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Detective / Sergeant
  • Patrol Sergeant
  • 1st Class Patrolman
  • 1st Class Patrolman / K-9
  • 1st Class Patrolman / SRO
  • Part-Time Patrolman
  • Reserve Patrolman
  • Clerk / Special Officer

Goals of the Ligonier Police Department

Consistent with the ideals of law enforcement service, every sworn officer of the Ligonier Police Department shall strive to maintain social peace within the community they are sworn to protect, being fully cognizant of the ethical and constitutional restrictions essential to the proper performance of their duties.

Every Ligonier Police Officer will endeavor to protect life, the property, and the personal liberties of all members of the community. By providing such protection, the officer contributes to the security basic to all and recognized in the establishment of our country.

Every Ligonier Police Officer shall function in an effort to prevent criminal activity, knowing that the best interest of the community is served by the crime that is never committed.

Every Ligonier Police Officer shall enforce the laws of the community in the most impartial manner possible. The responsibility demonstrates that a basic fairness is insured to all citizens the officer served without regard to social standing, race, color, or creed.

Every Ligonier Police Officer shall seek to apprehend the violator of the law in the most timely and professional manner possible. It is by such apprehension, that the officer functions to discourage the would-be offender and prohibits the immediate repetition of a crime by the apprehended.

These goals are defined to promote confidence in the Ligonier Police Department and its officers, in its effort to protect and serve the citizens of this community

Rate Information for Services

The following is the current schedule for fees charged by this department.

Title Checks / VIN Checks: $5.00 per vehicle
Fingerprinting $10.00 per person
Copies of Accident / Police Reports $5.00 per report

Updated: 4/13/2018

Contact Information

Address: 301 S. Cavin Street.
Ligonier, IN 46767
Phone: (260) 894-4111 or (260) 894-4112
Fax: (260) 894-3999
Email: police@ligonier-in.gov