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August 13, 2009

Table of Contents
Full Agenda  (set up for 1-2 sided printing)

Minutes of the June 2009 Commission Meeting
Minutes of the July 2009 Executive Committee Meeting


  1. Final Report on the 2009-11 Higher Education Budget As-passed by the 2009 Indiana General Assembly
  2. Report on Tuition and Fees Adopted by Indiana's Public Postsecondary Institutions for 2009-11
  3. Report on Twenty-first Century Scholar Success
  4. Report on Workforce Acceleration Program


  1. Academic Degree Programs
    1. M.S. in Industrial Technology, M.S. in Computer and Information Technology, M.S. in Computer Graphics Technology To Be Offered by Purdue University West Lafayette at West Lafayette
    2. Ph.D. in Epidemiology To Be Offered by Indiana University Through Its IUPUI Campus
    3. Academic Degree Programs on Which Staff Propose Expedited Action
  2. Capital Projects
    1. Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Sellersburg, New Construction Project, Workforce Education and Technology Center, Revised Request
    2. Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Elhart, New Construction Project, Revised Request
    3. Construction of a Parking Garage at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
    4. Herrick Laboratory Replacement Phase I on the Purdue University West Lafayette Campus
    5. Capital Projects on Which Staff Propose Expedited Action
  3. Administrative Items on Which Staff Propose Expedited Action


  1. Status of Active Requests for New Academic Degree Programs
  2. Capital Improvement Projects on Which Staff Have Acted
  3. Capital Improvement Projects Awaiting Action
  4. Minutes of the June Commission Working Sessions

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