Colts Partnership


The Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force has teamed up with the Indianapolis Colts to prevent prescription drug abuse by urging Hoosiers to pledge not to abuse or share prescription drugs. 

We also partnered with the Colts to raise awareness to teens by encouraging Indiana middle and high school students to enter the PSA video challenge.  We had over 72 submissions from schools all around the state.  Click here to see the winning video.  

"I am enthusiastic about our partnership with the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force,” said Colts Owner and CEO Jim Irsay. “The statistics related to this issue in Indiana are eye-openers, and we hope we can use the Colts platform to get the word out and raise awareness about prevention."

According to a study conducted by ESPN and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, former NFL players abuse prescription painkillers at a rate of four times the general population. While these NFL players are likely more susceptible to abuse due to the increased exposure during their playing days, the numbers are alarming. NFL players that struggled with prescription drug abuse include former player Dan Johnson and superstar Brett Favre.

On the home front, pills are easy to get and 1 in 5 Indiana teens have admitted to abusing prescription drugs. Recent studies have found that high school football players are more likely to abuse prescription drugs than other athletes.

Teaming with the Colts and their professional athletes provides an opportunity to help those held in the grip of pain and addiction. The partnership heightens awareness of the dangers of abuse and options for treatment for those suffering from addiction.