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Nashville is creative.

For over 100 years, Arts Village Brown County, in the tree-covered hills of Brown County, Indiana, has been a destination for artists and tourists seeking the natural beauty and rustic charm of one of America's original artists' colonies. Visitors will find the town a hub of local art, live music, and eclectic boutiques with their overnight stay enhanced by welcoming accommodations. A leisurely drive through the winding back roads of Brown County reveal an array of artist studios and galleries, outdoor recreation, and more of the beauty and history of this unique locale.  Whether you're looking for a peaceful respite from the daily grind, an inspiring immersion into the world of art, or an adrenaline-inducing excursion deep into the hills, your perfect escape awaits you here.

Impact Points


Creative jobs in the zip codes surrounding Arts Village Brown County in 2019. (Source)


Creative industry earnings in the zip codes surrounding Arts Village Brown County in 2019. (Source)


Cultural nonprofit revenues in the zip codes surrounding Arts Village Brown County in 2019. (Source)

four photos from the cultural district

Impact Stories

In August of 2019 the community opened a new, state-of-the-art music center in Nashville.  It is a $12 million building that has already had a significant impact (increase) on overnights, restaurants and local businesses including artists. A local group of artists has partnered with the music center to open a gallery on-site in the music center's lobby.  It is called Gallery 200 and the music center does not charge any fee or take any percentage (commission) from gallery sales.  The first exhibit was all Brown County artists showing a variety of art pieces. Local AirBNB rentals have also increased along with tourist home rentals.

This past year over 1/2 of the downtown Nashville's business properties went up for auction as a result of the estate being settled of local business and community leader, Andy Rogers.  All but one of the properties were purchased by local individuals with plans to rehab and reopen many of the closed business as well as continue with rental agreements for existing shop owners, many who are locals.

The previously mentioned opening of the new 2,000 seat music center is a new focal point for tourism with a very positive economic impact.  Other events that continue to draw tourist at increasing numbers include: Artistic Colony Weekend, Brown County Back Road Studio Tour, several local music festivals and competitions that draw nationally and, some, internationally (Ukefest, John Hartford Memorial Festival, Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival, Uncle Pen Fest, Fingerstyle Guitar Festival and Competition, to name a few).

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