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Creative Community Pathway

The Creative Community Pathway is a roadmap for any Indiana community to start, focus, or deepen arts and culture-based strategies to grow community wellbeing.

As a capacity building program, the Pathway aligns your local creative assets - artists, arts and culture strategies, partners and resources - to support your community’s unique goals and dreams. Simultaneously, it organizes a sustainable, healthy creative ecosystem for artists and cultural organizations. We call this "cultural development."

Is the Pathway for us?

Cultural development is powerful. Do your residents tell you they want more murals, more festivals, more creative activities for everyone? Is your community transforming public spaces, growing its local economic output, addressing mental health? Click here to learn more about the power of arts and culture for community development goals.

The Creative Community Pathway organizes your efforts using best practices, and provides resources to get you there. The Pathway also directly prepares communities who wish to pursue the Indiana Cultural District designation or the Spotlight Community recognition. Participating in the Creative Community Pathway includes:

  • Focusing on best practices for cultural development
  • Evaluation and feedback from a group of experts
  • Grant opportunities - Arts Project Support (APS)
  • Consultant referral
  • Online resources, templates and examples
  • Public recognition of Spotlight Communities
  • Capacity building events, like the Indiana Arts Homecoming and topical capacity building
  • Other support as available

What are the steps?

These steps build on each other. Expectations and recognition increase at each level. The pathway is a tool-- how will cultural development keep you moving toward your  community goals?

pathway roadmap

How do we start?

  1. Start with a self-assessment
  2. Start the Letter of Intent
  3. Spotlight Community Recognition
  4. Start the Cultural District Application
  5. Designation and funding - information coming soon!
  6. Leadership and Innovation - information coming soon!

Need some more context and examples? Here’s what we’re geeking out on these days.


May 5, 2021, 11:30 a.m. eastern time - Indiana Cultural District application panel review meeting. Click here to watch the recording.

New letters of intent may be accepted in Fall 2023.

Program Contact

Paige Sharp

phone:(317) 232-1269