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Greater Lafayette is creative.

The Tippecanoe Arts and Cultural District encompasses the downtown districts of Lafayette-West Lafayette—the heart of the Tippecanoe region. This area, comprised of three distinct sections (Chauncey Village, Wabash Riverfront, and Arts and Market) centered around the storied Wabash River. This is also home to an abundance of art and cultural attractions and venues such as the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, Long Center for the Performing Arts, Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, and The Arts Federation.

Art galleries, traditional and non-traditional performance spaces, theaters, specialty retail, and casual and fine dining restaurants representing the ethnic diversity of the area dot the District which help to define the Greater Lafayette Culture. The community also celebrates its heritage, holidays, and culture through unique public art and dozens of festivals, events, and community gatherings throughout the downtown and district that attracts both local citizens and visitors far and wide.

Impact Points


Creative jobs in the zip codes surrounding Tippecanoe Arts and Cultural District in 2019. (Source)


Creative industry earnings in the zip codes surrounding the Tippecanoe Arts and Cultural District in 2019. (Source)


Cultural nonprofit revenues in the zip codes surrounding the Tippecanoe Arts and Cultural District in 2019. (Source)

Impact Stories

The summer festival events with an emphasis on the arts (Round the Fountain Art Fair, Art on the Wabash, and the TASTE of Tippecanoe) are the premiere downtown festivals. Regarding the TASTE, a conscious effort has been made to book exciting and diverse entertainment with a specific focus on local performers. TAF is looking to bring greater attention to this event's focus on the regional/community arts and the cultural sector.

Tens of thousands of visitors from outside of Tippecanoe County come to the Cultural District to experience these events. Round the Fountain's over four decade record of delivery attracts an international roster of talent. All three festivals contribute greatly to the robust economy that Tippecanoe County enjoys.

The Tippecanoe Arts and Cultural District is a center point of activity for the county. Much investment has gone into the area over the years and its reputation as a destination continues to grow. Restaurants are continuing to open in the Cultural District and private and public partnerships have resulted in high rise developments expanding the concentration of West Lafayette's residential housing.

The variation of the businesses, particularly in the restaurant and service sector, represents the greatest swath of diversity in the community. These businesses continue to thrive through this investment and the enhanced reputation of the Cultural District.

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