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Grant Programs

Funding History

Access the IAC Grants Financial Dashboard for information about funding history by program, county, district, region, and year.
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Arts Organization Support

This grant provides annual operating support to arts nonprofits for ongoing artistic and administrative functions.

Learn more about Arts Organization Support Funding

Arts Project Support

This grant provides funding to nonprofits, units of government, and schools to support a specific projects, such as a one-time event; a single production; an exhibition; a workshop; or a series of related arts activities.

Learn more about Arts Project Support

Traditional Arts Indiana Apprenticeship

The Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) Apprenticeship Program supports the continuation of cultural practices in Indiana communities by funding up to six apprenticeship pairs each year, enabling apprentices to learn essential knowledge and skills.

Learn more about the Traditional Arts Indiana Apprenticeship Program

Additional Funding Opportunities

Outside of funding from the Indiana Arts Commission, artists and organizations are encouraged to seek funding from other granting agents across the state, region, and nation.

Learn more about additional funding opportunities
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