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Indiana Waterways Inquiry Request

Don't know which permit (if any) applies? We can help!

For Section 401 Water Quality Certifications, Isolated Wetland permits, Construction in a Floodway permits or other construction along streams, lakes, or dams ONLY.

Instructions for Inquiry Request

Full Instructions [PDF]

Video Instructions


Helpful Tips Before you Begin...

  • Know your project location
  • Be able to describe your project
  • Valid email address required
  • Decision will take up to 14 days

IDEM Applications

Regional General Permit Notification Form - RGP

Authorization to Discharge Dredged or Fill Material to Isolated Wetlands and/or Waters of the State

DNR Applications (Division of Water Only)

Permit Application Form

Online Application Form
Credit Card will be needed to pay for application fee and an additional credit card processing fee.

Online Application Form
Indiana Interactive subscribers only.

IDEM-DNR Joint Application

IDEM-DNR Joint Application PDF