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The Town of New Whiteland was incorporated in July 1954. The re-routing of US 31 distinguished New Whiteland as one of two communities located on the new highway between Indianapolis and Seymour. New Whiteland had promises of being an area with business advantages. It was faith in these possibilities that led Marley Williams and other Whiteland businessmen to build and expand for the future. Thus, the new community growth became known as New Whiteland. The first meeting of the board of trustees of the Town of New Whiteland, Indiana, was held at 101 Westbrook Drive on August 4, 1954.

At that time the members were:

Robert K. Dunn – President of the Board
Theodore J. Edwards – Board Trustee
James C. Pitzer – Board Trustee
Ernest Linder – Clerk-Treasurer
Elmon M. Williams – Town Attorney

At that same meeting, Robert H. Clark, representing Community Homes, requested authorization to install sewage pipes and streets and to immediately begin erecting houses, pursuant to the proposed plat. The vote was unanimous to give authorization for Community Homes to proceed. The first development of Community Homes was called Maple Crest sub-division.

March 17, 1955 – James Thurston was appointed Town Marshall
March 13, 1956 – David B. Hill was appointed Building Commissioner

Officers during the 1962-1963 period:

Virgil Dunsmore, President
Dale Wehmeirer, Vice President
Owen Cole, Vice President
Larry Polubinsky, Secretary-Treasurer
Hobart Padgett, Sergeant at Arms
Gene McGlone, Board of Directors
Gene Hankins, Board of Directors
Irvin Craig, Board of Directors

The Town of New Whiteland greatly appreciates the generosity of the “Dunsmore Girls” in donating this historical document to the town. The scrapbook is being stored at the Town Hall if anyone is interested in looking at it.

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Sharon Dunsmore Gartell, Linda Dunsmore Augenstein, and present Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach

Sharon Dunsmore Gartell, Linda Dunsmore Augenstein, and present Clerk-Treasurer Maribeth Alspach with the Optimist Club of New Whiteland scrapbook from 1962 – 1963. The scrapbook is full of interesting memorabilia and newspaper articles highlighting the club.