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Meet the Staff

Deputy Treasurers

Mike Frick

Mike Frick

Chief Deputy Treasurer & Portfolio Manager
Contact Mike
(317) 232-0140
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Kim Logan

Deputy Treasurer & Director of Operations
Contact Kim
(317) 233-0941
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Vicki Pool

Ryan Locke

Deputy Treasurer, Chief of Staff, General Counsel & Executive Director of the Board for Depositories
Contact Ryan
(317) 233-1640
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Executive Office

Ian Hauer

Deputy Chief of Staff & Communications Director
Contact Ian
(317) 232-6387
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Casey Long

Executive Office Manager
Contact Casey
(317) 232-6386

Amy Krieg

External Affairs Coordinator
Contact Amy
(317) 234-5639

Treasury Management

Vicki Pool

Duane Jashaway

Assistant Portfolio Manager
Contact Duane
(317) 234-9606

Rachel Hemminghouse

Investment Accountant
Contact Rachel
(317) 232-8772

Jessica Baumgartner

Staff Accountant
Contact Jessica
(317) 232-6260

Indiana ABLE Authority

Vicki Pool

Amy Corbin

Executive Director
Contact Amy
(317) 232-1614
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Cindy Barger

Cindy Barger

Executive Director
Contact Cindy
(317) 232-0139
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Board for Depositories

Courtney Knapp

Executive Assistant
Contact Courtney
(317) 232-6388

Indiana Bond Bank

Ron Mangus

Mark Wuellner

Executive Director
Contact Mark
(317) 233-0093
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Ron Mangus

Ron Mangus

Director of Operations
Contact Ron
(317) 233-0091

Aaron Barrnett

Aaron Barnett

Compliance Officer
Contact Aaron
(317) 234-8985

Aaron Barrnett

Brian Carman

Director of Marketing & Business Development
Contact Brian
(317) 233-0090

Marisa Weimer

Administrative Assistant
Contact Marisa
(317) 233-0894

Indiana Education Savings Authority

Troy Montigney

Marissa Rowe

Executive Director
Contact Marissa
(317) 234-8500
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Cristina Werthwine

Outreach Coordinator
Contact Cristina
(317) 232-5259

Statewide 911 Board

Ed Reuter

Executive Director
Contact Ed
(317) 234-2507
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Laurel Simmermeyer

Program Manager
Contact Laurel
(317) 233-1640


Teresa Russell

Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Contact Laurel
(317) 233-1640

Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program

Jackie Guglielmo

Executive Director
Contact Jackie
(317) 232-5258
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Treasury Operations

Laura Whyde

Assistant Deputy Treasurer of Operations
Contact Laura
(317) 233-0139

Kristin Morphis

Head Cashier
Contact Kristin
(317) 232-6389

Angela Miller

Contact Angela
(317) 233-0924

Chastity Meyer

Contact Chastity
(317) 233-0923

Christina Thomas

Warrant Clerk
Contact Christina
(317) 232-3390

Treasurer's Agencies

Indiana Bond Bank
The Treasurer of State is the chairman of the Board IC 5-1.5-2-2

Indiana Education Savings Authority (College Choice 529 plan)
The Treasurer of State is the Chairman of the Board. IC 21-9-4-1

Indiana Board for Depositories
The Treasurer of State serves as the secretary-investment manager of the Board.
IC 5-13-12-2

Statewide 911 Board
The Treasurer of State is the chairman of the Board. IC 36-8-16.7-24

Indiana ABLE Authority 
The Treasurer of State is the chairman of the Board. IC 12-11-14