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The Indiana State Personnel Department is excited to announce that there will be no increase in employee premiums in 2022. The state will continue offering three statewide medical plans for 2022: Consumer-Driven Health Plan 1 (CDHP 1), Consumer-Driven Health Plan 2 (CDHP 2) and Traditional Plan. All three available plans are in the National (BlueCard) PPO network with Anthem and have a prescription drug plan through CVS Caremark. Each plan has differences in premium costs, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

New for 2022 is the addition of a preferred in-network tier within each of the three health plans which can help lower your costs. In-network providers will now be split into two tiers that have different coverage levels:

Tier 1 - HealthSync (NEW!) Preferred provider tier with lower visit costs, lower deductible, lower coinsurance, and lower out-of-pocket maximum.

Tier 2 - In-Network All other in-network providers with the same deductible and out-of-pocket maximum you have today.

  • Check out the Anthem Tier 1 - HealthSync Provider Search to see which providers are in Tier 1 - HealthSync. Choosing Tier 1 - HealthSync providers lowers your costs and makes your Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars go even further than before.
  • Use the Anthem Provider Search Guide for a step-by-step explanation of how to search Anthem's website to find your provider's Tier.
  • Use the Anthem HealthSync Guide for an Introduction to the Tier 1 HealthSync Network for state of Indiana employees.
  • Watch this HealthSync video for details about how state employees can discover a new level of savings with the Tier 1 HealthSync Network.

Plan Summaries



Traditional Plan

Compare the Plans

  • 2022 Plan Comparison - This document includes information related to office visits, inpatient, ER, urgent care, wellness and prevention and medicine as they relate to each plan.
  • 2022 Maximum Exposure Calculations - Please note these examples assume employee takes advantage of the Non-Tobacco Use Incentive and costs are incurred within the Anthem provider network.

How the plans work

Know where to go for care

If you are confused about an insurance term or need a more detailed explanation of the application, please view the list of common insurance terms here: www.in.gov/idoi/ratewatch/InsuranceTerms.aspx.