Manager/Supervisor Training

Computer Based Training

Supervisor Training Curriculum

This year, the State Personnel Department (SPD) decided not to renew the Business and Legal Reports (BLR) online training contract. As of June 30, 2016 the BLR courses are now no longer available in PeopleSoft ELM. However, the completion of courses will remain in the employee’s training history.  

SPD understands the need to foster a learning culture throughout state government by investing in employee development and training. In that spirit, we are renewing our focus on delivering comprehensive managerial and supervisory training for use by all agencies. The curriculum, currently in development, will be designed to provide the knowledge and strategies required to effectively and responsibly manage state government. SPD is creating courses that will be included in the new curriculum that are also currently available to supervisors in the ELM environment. These include: Goal Setting, Evaluating Performance, Disciplinary Actions in the Classified Service, Coaching for Improvement, Family Medical Leave, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Selection and Interviewing, among others. In addition to the sampling of courses mentioned, SPD is developing additional content intended to provide a more robust training on a myriad HR topics. More information on the new curriculum will be released later this year. Please direct any questions to 

Required trainings

All new state employees are required to take the following trainings upon hire and everyone is required to complete these trainings on an annual or biennial basis:

  • Ethics
  • Information Resource Use Agreement
  • Workplace & Sexual Harassment Prevention Refresher

You are notified when you are required to take the trainings. You can review the following Online Training Self Service Quick Step Guide for instructions on how to complete these courses online.

Manager Toolkit

Below find resources to help you manage your employees.


Successful Onboarding is a collaborative effort amongst the entire organization. Each division, department, director, and manager has a responsibility to ensure that your employee’s first days, weeks, and months on the job provide a successful launch to their career. It is critically important that you provide your new employee with the foundation, tools, resources, and organizational perspective that ensures rapid inclusion within our workforce and our culture.

The Onboarding process begins at the time of an accepted job offer and it continues through your employee’s first 90 days of employment.This is not to say that Onboarding stops after 90 days. You are responsible for mentoring your new employee as they continue to develop and grow their knowledge, skills and abilities in order to be a productive member of your team. In the table below you will find a helpful guide, checklist and other tools to onboard your new employee for both the Hiring Manager and Mentor.    

Hiring Manager


Hiring Manager Guide  Mentor Guide
Hiring Manager Checklist  Mentor Checklist
Discussion Questions  Discussion Questions
Sample Welcome Email from Hiring Manager  Sample Welcome Email from Mentor
Assimilation Questions

Do you need help asking the right questions when starting a new position? Use the sample questions below as you acclimate into your new agency and get to know various leaders and co-workers. 

If your employee attends a new hire orientation session, he/she automatically receives survey assessments at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals to gauge their Onboarding experience.  These surveys are delivered to the email address indicated on their employment application. For more information on Onboarding for your new employee please visit our Onboarding website at

We appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to continuously improve our orientation and Onboarding program. If you have any questions about the Onboarding process please contact your agency’s HR department or


Time and Labor/Payroll

The following guides help you learn how to approve your employee’s time in the PeopleSoft Time and Labor module and how to view your paystub.