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What is Onboarding?

The Indiana State Personnel Department has designed Onboarding to facilitate your transition into state employment and provide information on preparing for successful integration into your agency. You will find a ready list of resources from which you can draw assistance, as you become part of our high-performance work team.

Successful Onboarding is a collaborative effort amongst the entire organization. Each division, department, director, manager and employee has a responsibility to ensure that your first days, weeks, and months on the job provide a successful launch to your career. It is critically important that we provide you with the foundation, tools, resources, and organizational perspective that ensure your rapid inclusion within our workforce and our culture.

Your Onboarding process began when you accepted the job offer and it continues through your first 90 days of employment. This is not to say that Onboarding stops after 90 days. You are responsible for continuing to develop and grow your knowledge, skills and abilities in order to be a productive member of your team.

If you attend a new hire orientation session you will automatically receive survey assessments at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals to gauge your Onboarding experience. These surveys will be delivered to the email address indicated on your employment application. It is highly recommended that you update your preferred email address so we can ensure you receive these surveys. Please review the Quick Step Guide - How to update your preferred email address for assistance. We appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to continuously improve our orientation and Onboarding program.