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License and Plate Renewals

Both dealer licenses and dealer license plates expire annually:

Dealer Business Name Begins With

License and Plate Expiration Date


February 1st


March 1st


April 1st


May 1st


June 1st


July 1st


August 1st


September 1st


October 1st


November 1st

Non-alpha (number or symbol)

November 1st


December 1st


January 1st

Renewals are an online-only process. To complete a renewal, you must be linked to your dealer account as the Primary User or an Admin User.

Renewal Notifications

If you are subscribed to notifications on your online dealer account, you will receive reminders about your upcoming license renewal on your dashboard and via email.

License Renewal Application

Submitting your renewal

  • You can submit your renewal up to 90 days in advance of your expiration date.

Completing your renewal

  • Make sure the expiration dates on your bond and insurance fall after your license expiration dates.
  • The insurance certificate holder must be the Indiana Secretary of State. We will not accept certificates that list the BMV as a certificate holder.

Checking on your submitted renewal

  • Check the “Recent Transactions” box on your dealer dashboard.
  • Renewal applications submitted online should appear on the dashboard within 30 minutes.
  • Please check your dashboard before calling or emailing our office to confirm receipt or check for a status update. The answer is probably there!

We have anywhere from 200-900 renewals to process each month. So please be patient if you are calling or emailing our office during the last week of a month for an update. During that week our priority is getting renewals processed, so it may take longer to respond to voicemails and emails.

Renewing Dealer License Plates

  • You cannot report plates as lost, stolen, or damaged as part of the renewal. This is a separate process.
  • You will be invoiced for your dealer plates after your license renewal has been approved.
  • You can pay for your plates invoice online.