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Auto Dealer Services Division Forms


Dealer License and Permit Applications

The dealer license application must be completed online at

Changes to Dealer Licenses

License Plates

Motor Vehicle Sales

Ceasing Business Operations

  • SF 55905 - Ceasing Business Affidavit
  • SF 56222 - Notice of Lost, Stolen or Damaged Dealer License Plate or Registration
  • BMV

    Title Forms

    Dealers that originate credit sales (generally arrange financing with third-party lenders or offer buy-here, pay-here) are required to register with the Department of Financial Institutions by completing this form IUCCC Form 1. If you have questions, please contact the Department at 317-453-2529 or

    This form should be completed and sent to the Department of Financial Institutions - do not send the form to the Auto Dealer Services Division.

    If you did not find the form you requirecontact us.