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Dealer - New or Used

Dealer – New or Used

You need a new motor vehicle dealer license if you sell, offer to sell, or advertise for sale at least:

  • twelve (12) new motor vehicles (includes off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, and mini-trucks); or
  • three (3) new manufactured homes

in a 12 month period.

You need a used motor vehicle dealer license if you sell, offer to sell, or advertise for sale at least:

  •  twelve (12) used motor vehicles  (includes off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, and mini-trucks); or
  • Three (3) used manufactured homes

In a 12 month period.

We encourage those wanting to obtain their used or new dealer license in the State of Indiana to review the applicable state statutes (Indiana Code 9-32) and administrative rules (Indiana Administrative Code Title 75) regarding dealer licensing. Indiana statutes and rules can be found on the General Assembly’s website at iga.in.gov.


Please be sure to fill the application out completely and submit all required documents with the application. Failure to include required information or documents can delay the processing of your application.

Online application available at dealers.sos.in.gov. Help guide available here.

Required Documents

The following must be submitted with the completed application.

  1. Zoning Affidavit (SF 55936)
  2. Indiana Vehicle Merchandising Certificate/Bond (SF 53966)
  3. Certificate of Insurance
  4. Photos of the Established Place of Business
  5. Business Entity Documentation (INBiz)
  6. Retail Merchant Certificate (Indiana Dept. of Revenue)
  7. Photo Identification
  8. FBI National Background Check.pdfBackground Check
  9. License Fee
  10. National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Accreditation (mobility only) 

Location Requirements

Exemptions are available for some requirements. Questions should be submitted to dealers@sos.in.gov.

  • Cannot be a residence or temporary location
  • Able to accept mail delivery (unless not serviced by USPS)
  • No other dealer operating at that location
  • Must be :
    • in Indiana
    • accessible by the public
    • Open at least 30 hours/wk during normal business hours
  • Physical location:
    • At least 1300 sq ft
    • Display space for at least 10 vehicles
    • Well-lit during hours of operation
    • Conspicuous, permanent sign in the same name that is on your license
    • Customer parking
    • Does not house a secondary business
    • Not in a retail complex (e.g. strip mall)
  • Office
    • 100 sq ft (minimum)
    • Furnished
    • Functioning utilities
    • Overall reflective of a functional auto auction




Email: dealers@sos.in.gov 

Phone: 317-234-7190

Dealer Account Helpline: 317-576-2568