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Plates On-Demand

Plates on Demand Login

How to Print Temporary Plates (with screenshots)

Through the Plates on Demand program, automotive dealers can access and print motor vehicle and trailer interim license plates online at their dealerships as needed.

Plates on Demand has been designed to work with Windows Operating System 7 or higher, Internet Explorer 10 or newer, Firefox 4.0 or newer, Safari 4.0 or newer, or Google Chrome 28.0 or newer.

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Dealer Account Helpline: 317-576-2568                

A prerecorded Plates on Demand system webinar can be found here

La version grabada en español esta disponible aqui.(Espanol)

The slides are available for review here

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Important Notice

The limit reflected on the Plates on Demand System is not automatically refilled. Please keep this in mind and make a request to increase your limit as soon as you become aware that you may need more. In most cases an audit is necessary to increase your plate limit. Interim plate limits are reset on your license expiration date.

To request an increase in interim plate limit, you must complete State Form 56140, available at: http://www.in.gov/sos/dealer/2383.htm. You can complete this form by mail or online through your dealer portal at https://dealers.sos.in.gov/.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dealership does not have Internet access?
The program requires dealerships to have access to the Internet. Please seek out Internet access if you do not have access on site.

What is the cost for vehicle interims plates under Plates on Demand?
The cost per plate is $3. Dealers may pay for interim plates with a credit card or a guaranteed e-check. Dealers need to keep in mind that the online payment vendor (Valued Payment Systems) charges a vendor fee for payment transactions.  This fee is charged by VPS and goes directly to the vendor.

VPS accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  The vendor fee is 2.25 % (minimum fee of $1) for credit and debit card payments per transaction.  VPS also accepts guaranteed e-checks up to $2,500.  The vendor fee for a guaranteed e-check is 1.25% (minimum of $1.50) per transaction.

Will each dealer have a username and password for the Plates on Demand system?
Yes. The primary owner listed on the dealer license will establish the initial online account. Once the relationship to the dealer’s online account is established, the primary owner becomes the “Master User” and may assign user roles to other employees.

Instructions for establishing your online dealer account and assigning user roles can be found at:  http://www.in.gov/sos/dealer/4461.htm.

How should I print the interim plates for my customers?

Interim license plate should be printed on white paper with black ink to provide uniformity among all interim plates. State and local law enforcement are aware of the proper appearance of interim plates.  Users should select “Actual Size” in Print Options when printing to ensure the plate prints correctly.

How should a customer display the vehicle interims plate on their car?

Interim plates must be displayed in the same manner as a metal license plate or may be affixed to a window on the left side of the motor vehicle facing the rear of the motor vehicle in a way that is clearly visible and unobstructed.