For Volunteers is a web portal to all things volunteer related in Indiana. This portal for links individuals who want to volunteer with organizations in their community that can help them find the perfect volunteer opportunity. It also provides resources for volunteers and volunteer managers to help create the best volunteer experiences possible.


Volunteers can find both long-term opportunities and short-term or even one-time only events at which to serve. Volunteers can serve in a variety of settings: hospitals, religious organizations, schools, homeless shelters, food banks, and more.  With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right opportunity for you. This website can link you to volunteer centers and other organizations that can help you find the best volunteer opportunity for you.

Volunteer Centers in Indiana

The Indiana Association of Volunteer Centers (IAVC) is a group of organizations and a great place to start to connect with volunteer opportunities.  They can help you find a site that fits your skills, your schedule, and your values.  The IAVC’s mission is to act as a unified voice to strengthen volunteer centers, volunteer programs, and to promote volunteerism statewide.

Find a volunteer center near you, just click here for a list of IAVC’s.

Volunteer Matching Online Sites

If there are no IAVC’s located near you, you can check out these website to get connected:

Help Indy Online


Volunteer Solutions

Volunteer Match

Network For Good

Volunteering In Public Health

Resources for Volunteers

Points of Light sets standards for volunteer excellence, encourages volunteer leadership, and often has great resources for personal volunteer development.

Energize Inc. is a website full of articles and tips for maximizing the volunteer experience. Check out helpful articles on using volunteer experience to build your resume and more.

Service provides tools and information to help you volunteer more effectively and learn to record your experiences.