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Serve Indiana Commission

Role of the Commission

The Serve Indiana Commission consists of up to twenty-five (25) Commissioners who are appointed by the Governor to advocate, review, and adjust the state's position on issues related to the community service and the volunteer sectors.  It is comprised of community leaders with expertise in areas such as education, public safety, human services, volunteer activities, business/labor and government.  They work closely with Serve Indiana to advance service and volunteerism and to appropriately distribute funding to support Serve Indiana's programs.

Meeting dates and locations can be found here.


  • Stefonie Sebastian, Education & Development Needs of Youth (Chair)
    Education Specialist, Research, Development & Sponsored Events, National FFA Organization
  • Jo Yocum, National Direct Representative (Vice Chair)
    Executive Director, Playworks Indiana
  • Department of Education: Vacant
  • Kathryn Clayton, Labor Representative
    Director, Labor Institute for Training
  • Jane Crady, IN Volunteers of Active Disasters Representative
    Independent Contractor, Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Indianapolis
  • Mark Eutsler, At-Large
  • Shannon Frederick
    Executive Director, Indiana, Multiplying Good
  • Laura Hodges
  • Media Oakes, Corporate/Communications
    Manager of Communications & External Affairs, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.
  • Brian Sheehan, Local Government Representative
    Director of Special Projects & Community Development, City of Rushville
  • Matthew Stachler, Youth Representative (16-25)
    College Student
  • David Reingold, Higher Education Representative
    Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University
  • Sarah Waddle, Aging Adults
    Executive Director, AARP Indiana