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Resources to help Hoosier communities

We can fight substance use disorder by reducing stigma. Addressing the substance use disorder epidemic is a top priority across Indiana. When we face this challenge with an open mind, it helps build stronger communities and enables those with addiction to lead healthier, more productive lives.

Request education and training so you can help spread the word in your local community. Collaborate with local leaders to help them understand the barriers to recovery faced by those with a substance use disorder. As each community begins to understand and discuss this topic, we hope to decrease the stigma associated with substance use disorder.

Please email Kari Jones for more information.

Help Us Spread the Word About Know the Facts and Be a Champion

Know the Facts Champions are asked to share Know the Facts resources with members of their work and home communities, to help reduce stigma across Indiana.

Watch the Know the Facts Champions webinar

Sign-up as a Know the Facts Champion


2020 marketing toolkit

The materials in this toolkit can be used for your social media and outreach efforts. We are providing campaign materials including social media posts, social media ads, artwork, and stories of persons in recovery for your use.


2020 outreach materials

2019 Outreach Education Presentations and Videos

Best Practice Resources

Understanding opioid use disorder

The purpose of this training video is to help build awareness and understanding about a specific type of substance use disorder - opioid use. Three key messages include:

  1. Opioid use disorder, like all substance use disorders, is a disease.
  2. There is treatment for a person with opioid use disorder.
  3. Recovery is possible.


Resources for faith-based organizations

For more information click here.

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