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Reimbursement History: State & Federal Funds

State Funding

The Commission provides up-to-date information about annual funding from the state, total funding returned to counties/regions in reimbursements for capital and non-capital expenses, and the percentage actually reimbursed during periods of time when the Commission was not sufficiently funded (pro-rated funding).

Click the links below for up-to-date information about state funding:
Reimbursements to date for Non-Capital Cases per County/Region
Reimbursements to date for Capital Cases per County/Region

Federal Funding

ALL Indiana Counties are eligible to receive Federal Title IV-E reimbursement for a portion of the county’s public defense expenses that have ALREADY been spent on Department of Child Services (DCS) cases.

No compliance with Commission standards is necessary. There is currently no requirement from the federal government for how to spend these dollars, but the Commission encourages counties to put these funds toward public defense costs.

Two simple steps are required to begin receiving these new federal dollars:

  1. Sign an agreement required by DCS, and
  2. Submit quarterly public defense information on the Commission’s forms so we know how much money to send your county each quarter.

See the map below to determine what level of reimbursement your county is currently receiving.

If your county is NOT receiving these funds, please contact the Commission's Director of Operations, Jennifer Pinkston or email us at

Click the links below for up-to-date information about federal funding:
Reimbursements to date from Federal Title IV-E Funds per County/Region
Click here for a brochure explaining the process of receiving the funding

Map Updated: 1/02/2024