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Reimbursement Forms & Due Dates, Salary & Wage Requirements, Attorney Qualification Forms

Reimbursement Request Forms and Other Information

Assigned Counsel systems must fill out requests each quarter to receive reimbursement for eligible expenses. Forms, instructions, and due dates are listed below.

When submitting requests for reimbursement, e-mail the completed Excel file to

DocumentFor Use BySupporting Materials
County Non-Capital Reimbursement RequestCommission Counties Instruction Manual
Regional Non-Capital Reimbursement RequestCommission Multi-County Regions  
Title IV-E Federal Reimbursement RequestNon-Commission CountiesInstruction Manual
Capital Reimbursement RequestAll Multi-County Regions & Counties 
Multi-County Attorney Compliance ListCommission Counties

2024 Reimbursement Request Due Dates & Commission Meeting Dates

QuarterReimbursement Request Due DateCommission Meeting Date (when the reimbursements will be approved/denied)
4th 2023Wednesday, February 14Wednesday,  March 27
1st 2024Wednesday, May 15Wednesday, June 12
2nd 2024Wednesday, August 14Wednesday, September 18
3rd 2024Thursday, November 14Wednesday, December 18


Chief Public Defenders and Chief Deputies in assigned counsel systems with offices must be compensated at the same rate as the elected prosecutor and chief deputy prosecutors. The Supreme Court sets these salaries each year. Public defense systems have until January of each year to match the pay raises prosecutors receive in July to account for the local budgeting process.

Position2024 (Effective January 1, 2024)2025 (Effective January 1, 2025)
Chief PD$178,168$183,513
Part Time Chief PD (.66)$117,591$121,119
Part Time Chief PD (.6)$106,901$110,108
Chief Deputy Public Defender$133,626$137,635
Part Time Chief Deputy (.66)$88,193$90,839
Part Time Chief Deputy (.6)$80,175$82,580

Hourly Rates

Assigned counsel systems in the Commission's reimbursement program shall compensate attorneys paid hourly for time actually expended at the hourly rate of not less than 75% of the capital rate required under Criminal Rule 6.1, rounded, up or down, to the nearest $10/hour. The effective date of any increases shall tier with the capital rate increases (January 1 of odd-numbered years).

In capital (death penalty) cases, all Indiana Counties may receive reimbursement for 50 percent of applicable expenses. In accordance with Criminal Rule 6.1, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Office of Judicial Administration adjusts the hourly rate paid in capital cases biennially.

 For Use ByEffective until December 31, 2024Effective January 1, 2025
Non-Capital Case Hourly RateCommission Counties$100$110
Capital (Death Penalty) Case Hourly Rate **All Counties$136$151

** Please note: The effective rate at the time the death penalty request was filed remains in effect throughout the life of the case unless the case is remanded to the trial court after appeal.

Attorney Qualifications

For Public Defenders and Appointed Counsel:

  • Non-Capital Qualifications: Complete the "Standards E & F Qualification Form" (below). This document includes all updated standards to qualify for adult criminal trial work, juvenile, appeals, CHINS, and TPR. Please refer to the document to learn what training and experience is required. Instructions for submission are included on the form.
  • Capital Qualifications: Complete the "Application for Capital Case Roster" (below). This document includes all updated standards to become qualified for capital work. As you receive additional training, complete the "Report to the Commission of Capital Case Training" form. Please refer to the documents to learn what training and experience is required to qualify. The forms should be returned directly to the Commission at

For those preparing the reimbursement form:

  • The list of attorneys set forth in the "Non-Capital Attorney Qualification Database" (link below) represent those attorneys who have had their Standard E & F Qualification forms verified by the Commission. Commission staff updates this list regularly. If an attorney’s name or particular qualification is absent from these lists, it does not necessarily mean an attorney is not qualified. The Commission either has not received their Standard E & F Form, have yet to verify their qualifications, or we received their form after the date this document was updated.  If an attorney is not on the list, or shows as not yet qualified, you should ask the attorney to complete a "Standard E & F Qualification form".
DocumentSupporting Documents
Standards E & F Qualifications FormInstruction Manual
Non-Capital Attorney Qualification DatabaseInstruction Manual
Application for Capital Case Roster & Training Requirement Reporting 


Assigned counsel systems may request reimbursement for public defender office employee health insurance benefits paid by self-insured systems. However, those costs are limited to an annual cap. The cap each year is based on the State of Indiana Employer premiums. If your system is self-insured, please review the request for reimbursement instructions (above) regarding eligible expenses.


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