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Cosmetology & Barbers Board

Board Members

  • Board Members as of 2022
    • Victoria Ross, Cosmetologist
    • Diana Weisheit, Cosmetologist
    • Diana Bonn, Manicurist
    • Gregory Kenny, Barber
    • Amy Worley, Barber
    • Vacant, School Owner
    • Kristen Kane, Consumer

Board Calendar & Dates

  • Dates to Remember

    2024 Cosmetology & Barber Meeting Dates

    January   22
    March 18
    May 20
    July 15
    Sept 16
    Nov 18

Board Minutes & Agendas

  • NOTICE: Pursuant to the requirements of IC 5-14-1.5-2.9, recordings (archived copies) of the Indiana Cosmetology and Barbers Board’s public meetings are available here on the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency's (PLA's) YouTube Channel. Members of the public may submit public records requests online through the PLA’s APRA Portal, to potentially obtain recordings and/or records that are not currently available on the PLA’s YouTube Channel or here on the website, and are still within the State of Indiana’s retention schedules, the PLA’s retention schedules, or any other retention period afforded by law.

Other Board Information

Electronic Participation Policy

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