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  • Statutes & Rules

    The Indiana Auctioneer Commission and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are prohibited from providing legal advice on issues contained in the laws and regulations. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

    The most current version of the Indiana statutes and rules may be accessed using the citations below.

    INDIANA CODE ยง 25-6.1 – Auctioneers and Auctions

    • Chapter 1. Short Title and Definitions
    • Chapter 2. Creation of Commission
    • Chapter 3. Licensing
    • Chapter 4. Suspension and Revocation of Licenses
    • Chapter 5. Repealed
    • Chapter 6. Licensee Obligations
    • Chapter 7. Penalties
    • Chapter 8. Auctioneer Recovery Fund
    • Chapter 9. Continuing Education


    Title 812, Article 1 – General Provisions

    • Rule 1. Powers of Commission; Permitted Activities; License Procedure; Fees

    Title 812, Article 2 – Auctioneer Courses and Initial Education Course Providers

    • Rule 1. Definitions; General Provisions
    • Rule 2. Approved Course Providers; General Requirements
    • Rule 3. Instructors
    • Rule 4. Conduct of Courses
    • Rule 5. Course Providers; Miscellaneous Prohibitions
    • Rule 6. Auctioneer Course; Subject Area Emphasis
    • Rule 7. Auctioneer Course; Outline

    Title 812, Article 3 – Continuing Education

    • Rule 1. Continuing Education Requirements; General
    • Rule 2. Distance Learning Continuing Education
  • Continuing Education Requirements

    Sixteen (16) hours of continuing education from a Commission approved course provider are required during the four (4) year licensure period ending February 28 of every fourth year.

    At least six (6) hours of courses in any of the following core subjects:

    • Indiana rules and statutes governing auctioneering
    • Federal statutes governing auctioneering
    • Auctioneering ethics
    • Escrow and trust funds
    • Contracts
    • Any other subject matter approved by the Commission

    When more than six (6) hours of core subjects have been earned, the licensee may count the excess hours towards meeting the ten (10) hours of elective subjects required.

    At least ten (10) hours of courses in any of the following elective subjects:

    • Agency
    • Business courses related to auctioneering
    • Auction management
    • Bid calling
    • Public speaking
    • Advertising
    • Specialty auction topics
    • Any other subject matter approved by the Commission.

    No more than eight (8) hours of continuing education may be acquired during one (1) day. However, instruction for an approved distance learning continuing education program may be more than eight (8) hours of instruction in a one (1) day course. A licensee who attends the same continuing education course more than once in the same four (4) year license period is entitled to continuing education credit for that course only once.

    Retention of Certificates

    It is the responsibility of each licensee to retain evidence to support the courses taken for a period of three (3) years after the end of the renewal period for which the renewal application is submitted and the continuing education hours are claimed to the Commission. These records should include one or more of the following:

    • Certificates of completion such as course attendance verification by sponsor, certificates of completion, or continuing education attendance history
    • Course outline or other evidence of course content
    • Other evidence of support and justification
    Credit for Course Instruction

    Continuing education credit may be granted to an individual for instructing an auctioneer continuing education course. One (1) hour of continuing education credit may be earned per one (1) hour taught. Not more than four (4) hours of continuing education credit accumulated in this manner may be applied toward CE requirements. Instructors of auctioneer continuing education courses may not receive credit for repeated courses.


    A licensee who is initially licensed in the fourth year of a renewal period or holds an "Inactive" license is exempt from the continuing education requirements.

    The Commission may grant a waiver for all or part of the continuing education requirements for the renewal period if the applicant was not able to fulfill the requirement due to hardship that resulted from any of the following conditions:

    • Service in the armed forces of the United States during a substantial part of the renewal period.
    • An incapacitating illness or injury.
    • Other circumstances determined by the Commission.

    Those requesting a waiver of continuing education should provide a detailed statement to our office prior to renewal.

    The Indiana Auctioneer Commission does not have a schedule of course offerings from any provider.  Please review the Approved Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education Providers section below and contact the provider directly for a course schedule and with any other questions.

  • Approved Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education Providers

    Approved Course Providers

    If you wish to apply to become an approved provider, you will need to go to the Auctioneers Licensing Information page and follow the Pre-Licensing and CE Course Sponsor information.

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