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Overview of DOC Ombudsman


Charlene Burkett

Executive Assistant
Amanda Bennett

The DOC Indiana Ombudsman Bureau was created by the legislature in the fall of 2003. Per IC 4-13-1.2-1 through 4-13-1.2-12. The Bureau is charged with the responsibility of receiving, investigating, and attempting to resolve complaints from offenders housed in DOC facilities or offenders' family members that the DOC accuses of violating a specific law, rule,  department written policy or endangered the health or safety of a person. The director of the bureau is appointed by the Governor. Charlene Burkett, the current director was appointed by Governor Daniels in May 2005.

Ombudsman Bureau Complaint Forms

The Ombudsman Bureau requires complainants to use the Ombudsman Bureau Complaint Form. These forms are available in the law library of each DOC facility or can be downloaded in the section labeled "Links".

Facility Reports:




Annual Reports