Training Opportunities

Local Officials Training - available upon request

OCRA is pleased to announce it will host a series of regional trainings across the state designed to equip local elected officials with information to effectively carry out the responsibilities of a CDBG award.  The training will provide an overview of federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements that are required for successful implementation and completion of CDBG projects.

Please be advised that these training workshops are for local elected officials only. Those eligible include: mayors, town or county council members, clerk-treasurers, commissioners, auditors, and township trustees. The workshop is specifically designed for elected officials and will not be relevant for others. Please do not register for this course if you are not a local elected official. Other local government employees will be approved at OCRA’s discretion. Local elected officials play a vital role in the administration of a CDBG grant.

CDBG Financial Mgmt. Training for Clerks and Auditors - available upon request 

In 2015 this training helped new and experienced staff understand the requirements of CDBG Financial Mgmt. It included information on managing grants as well as information on CDBG procurement and reporting requirements.  Finally, financial management requirements that pertain to accounting systems, audits, and tips for reporting in Gateway were discussed. The training was FREE to all Clerks and Auditors.