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Gas Can Exchange

NIRPC offers an annual gas can exchange program in cooperation with the Household Hazard Waste Collection Program. While the Household Hazardous Waste Program collects antifreeze, oils, and other hazardous waste, NIRPC provides the opportunity to bring in an old gas can for a new own.

Why does NIRPC want your old gas cans?
Old leaky gas cans are a major contributor to air pollution, particularly ozone formation. By bringing in your old gas can you are helping the environment and the air quality in your area.

Why are the new gas cans better?
The gas can that NIRPC exchanges your old gas can for is a 2.5 gallon CARB gas can. These gas cans are leak-proof and no-spill. They are also made of a thicker plastic that prevent harmful gases from leaking through the plastic, which is a major problem with other older gas cans. In addition to preventing ozone formation, the leak-proof design helps prevent stormwater run-off.

What does the Household Hazardous Waste Collection collect?
The Household Hazardous Waste Collections collect the following: Aerosols, Automotive Supplies, Batteries, Corrosive, Mercury Containing Products, Paint and Related Products, Pesticides, and Waste Fuels. They will not take Ammunition and Explosive or Commercial Hazardous Waste (such as latex paint). Call 1-800-946-4449 or 1-219-326-1425 for more information on this programs.

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