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The CAWS Aquatic Invasive Species Stakeholder Group (formerly known as the Chicago Area Waterway System (CAWS) Advisory Committee) initiated its current consensus-building effort in May 2014. Since that time the Committee has met 10 times and released a series of consensus letters to the President and U.S. Congress outlining their recommendations:

Technical ReportsPrepared by HDR

As part of the CAWS Advisory Committee process, committee members defined a series of questions and information needs. The below report summarizes the technical investigations conducted by HDR assessing the risk of invasive species transfer and impacts to navigation relative to certain control measures, as well as a high level summary of background information presented to the committee regarding flood risk and water quality, including CSOs and contaminated sediments.

Restoring the Natural Divide: Separating the Great Lakes And Mississippi River Basins in the Chicago Area Waterway System

In 2010, the Great Lakes Commission and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative identified engineering options for Chicago’s waterway system that would prevent interbasin movement of AIS, including Asian carp. The study also examines potential improvements to the waterway’s roles in commercial navigation, recreational boating, flood and stormwater management, and water quality.

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