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Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge of the 21st century. It poses a serious threat to Northwest Indiana’s economy, quality of life, and natural resources. Addressing this challenge is essential to creating a healthier, safer, and more equitable world. Climate scientists expect that with current trends in fossil fuel use, Americans will see more intense storms, flooding, extreme heat events, and droughts in the future. If not addressed, these impacts will impair our communities, residents, environment, and economy. Northwest Indiana has an unparalleled opportunity to make changes to mitigate climate change while also creating jobs and improving our quality of life. Action is required at all levels, and local governments have a unique role to play in building low-carbon communities.

NIRPC is joining an increasing number of regional governments committed to addressing climate change at both regional and local levels. NIRPC recognizes the risks that climate change poses to Northwest Indiana residents. It is critical to address the impacts of a changing climate (such as flooding and heat waves) and to adapt systems and infrastructure accordingly. Ultimately, local action is necessary to reduce Northwest Indiana’s contribution toward the problem of climate change and adapt to its current and future effects.

Ultimately, Climate Action Northwest Indiana (CAN) will consist of three volumes making up the Northwestern Indiana Regional Climate Action Framework and the multi-stakeholder effort to encourage long term action, engagement, and implementation of climate actions.  The three volumes of the Framework will include the Northwest Indiana Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the NWI Regional Climate Action Planning Framework, and a Northwest Indiana Regional Climate Resilience Plan.  These regional documents will be utilized to guide and provide technical support for local government planning and action around carbon emission reduction and climate resiliency planning.

Download the Northwest Indiana Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Carbon Capture & Sequestration Education Event

On August 23, 2022, the NWI Forum hosted a Carbon Capture and Storage educational event. The event included several presentations and an economic development expert panel. Representative Ed Soliday presented an overview of Indiana House Bill 1209, (now IC 14-39), which governs carbon dioxide pipelines and storage in Indiana. Jarad Daniels, CEO of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute discussed global technical challenges to carbon emission reductions for a suite of hard to abate industries including steel production, cement and petroleum. Traci Rodosta of the US Department of Energy detailed the pilot projects that are underway to accelerate Commercial Scale Carbon Capture and Storage. These presentations were followed by a moderated panel of economic development experts.

Video recordings of the event are provided HERE

Climate Planning Partners:

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