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Regional Judicial Opioid Initiative

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MPH’s involvement in the Regional Judicial Opioid Initiative (RJOI) is comprised of Supreme Court Chief Justices from eight states charged with creating a strategic action plan to combat the opioid epidemic at a regional level. Through partnership with MPH and Wayne State University, RJOI’s data visualization illustrates sociodemographic and economic indicators, drug overdose death rates, buprenorphine prescribers and prescription drug monitoring program statistic sat the county level.

This in-depth evaluation is not only helping inform RJOI on regional solution development from the court perspective. It is also strengthening collaboration among state partners and providing governments and organizations with key metrics to inform their initiatives as well. Because of its work with Next Level Recovery and the emphasis on business, legal and technical efficiencies, MPH was able to quickly create a scalable solution for RJOI based on existing framework being used for State of Indiana initiatives.

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