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2017 Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge

Engaging external partners is an important part of Indiana's effort to make actionable government data publicly available. That's why, to mark the public launch of the first Medicaid datasets, MPH was proud to support the 2017 Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge hosted by the Regenstrief Institute. The first-of-its-kind competition drew more than 150 talented clinicians, data scientists, and healthcare subject matter experts to explore the newly-released data, network with industry leaders, and compete for cash prizes. The following submissions were recognized for being the most innovative and having the greatest potential impact on Indiana's Medicaid system. Thank you to all the teams that participated!

We've published these submissions to start conversations and spark ideas. We do not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or validity of a particular submission. Please reach out to the individual submitter organization with questions.

Sponsors: FSSA, The Indiana Chapter of HIMSS, the Regenstrief Institute, and KSM Consulting

Visual of Indiana Medicaid Nonemergency visits

Data Visualization Winner: OurHealth

How can healthcare providers reduce the number of costly emergency room visits every year? This winning submission from OurHealth utilized the newly-released Indiana Medicaid data to identify emergency room visits which could have been better served in a primary care setting.

Click the image to view the visualization on Tableau Public.

Data Analysis Winner: Random Variables

Access to mental health services is recognized as an increasingly important component of overall health and wellbeing. A team of graduate students from the School of Informatics at Indiana University used Indiana Medicaid data to identify pockets of underserved populations in need of greater access to mental health services.

Click the image to view the visualization on Tableau Public.

Random Variables Map Visual

Purdue IE Visual

Data Visualization Runner-up: Purdue IE

Emergency room visits are a significant driver of costs for Indiana's Medicaid system. Using the newly-released Indiana Medicaid data, this team from Purdue University's School of Industrial Engineering developed new insights into the geographies, demographics, and diagnoses driving emergency room visits.

Click the image to view the visualization on Tableau Public.

Data Analysis Runner-up: DataRanger

This collaborative team from the Computer & Information Science Department at IUPUI, the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, and the IU School of Medicine worked together to compare Medicaid spending between Indiana counties. Using Census data, the team also sought to understand how changes in population demographics and employment impacted Medicaid spending.

Click the image to view the full PowerPoint.

Data Ranger Revised

Data Visualization Runner-up: Change Healthcare

Understanding what geographies and diagnoses are driving emergency room visits is a critical piece in the effort to address the overall cost of healthcare in Indiana. The team from Change Healthcare used the Indiana Medicaid data to identify the diagnoses contributing most to that cost and the Indiana counties that could most benefit from an effort to reduce emergency room visits.

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